Has anyone used a “EBC-A10H battery tester ——I have bought one and will test and chart your results

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I found this when looking for a special type of battery made in Germany

I have found something that I have been looking for some time

If anyone has any comments about this battery tester or if you have use this battery tester I would like to hear from you

Here is the link to software and manual

https://github.com/Syonyk/EBD-M05/bl...l V1.8.5.pdf

I have the battery tester it came in the mail yesterday

One note about this test the battery was not fully charged

The first picture was when I started the second picture was 1 hour and 20 minutes later

There is an eBay / Alibaba.com / AliExpress seller or one of them that sells Varta batteries that will only use this battery tester to warranty batteries and I can see why

I can not find the seller right now

I have a concern about this charger and that is you can only really charge or discharge one 18650 cell at a time this does not have a way to monitor more than one cell at a time

But what I wanted to do was to bench testing batteries and this will do that

One note

You can hook two charger units to this software and run them at the same time

When I have some more money I will buy a second one to run two at a time

Here is something I find interesting about when the battery is on charge

Is that the ramp up curve level out at 20 minuets into the charge cycle

You can change the setting while it running however the changes do not take effect until you you stop and restart it again however you loose your data

Last night I set the cut off voltage to 3.99 volts @1 amp

and went to sleep but I did check the voltage set point to see what it did once it reached the cutoff voltage and how did it behave

Then this morning I set it to 4.15 volts @0.500 amps

Letting it finish charging

The results are below

I am very pleased with the results of this product I do however a couple of comments

First of all and the most important one

When charging a battery for the first time I will be using my IMAX charger which has a temperature sensor sensor built into it hardware the EBC-A10H dose not have this capability to do this function

Second of all

The IMAX charger can not give you a useable range for a battery at 1 amp @ 3 volts discharge rate as can the EBC-A10H battery tester can do this

You can set the current requirements of the device that you are making the battery pack for and see what kind-a results you might expect to get

I have done some testing to see how this device behaves so far I have not seen anything yet that concern me

One final thought about this product

I would recommend this product to anyone who want to use BMS protection boards and want to use batteries that have the same charging and discharging rate curves to get the best results out of your batteries

I can tell you that I am not getting paid or got this product for free

But when I find a product that does a lot of what it claims to do and does it it well I will give it a review

On another note and related subject

How I do testing on battery is going to change now that I have this tester

I will be looking at the amount of time the batteries maintain the voltage and current before the voltage drop off curve starts when discharging a battery

I will be looking at the amount of time the voltage and current before the current drop off starts while charging

Try to match batteries as close as possible to the amount of time before each curve starts

If anyone has anything else I should be looking for please add your comments below


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    I have for a long time I having been looking to buy or build a battery tester for matching batteries which has been a real problem I have been trying to use these type of BMS protection boards that have a balancing feature on them and have not had very good results

    I will go into some details below

    I bought a battery operated soldering iron controller from Ksger they have a battery version

    Here is the link to the first version of there BMS protection controller board


    I used the IMAX B6 ver 2

    To test the batteries that I was using these brands of batteries that
    I using are Samsung or LG or Panasonic

    The results were not very good on this BMS protection controller board
    The first brand battery I use were Panasonic brand that are new but were not charged or tested before using them the balancing light were lighting and the batteries were not fully charged and the voltages were really all over the place ( which I expected them to be but I want to see how this BMS protection balancing board would behave with this torture testing )

    The second time I try this the results were a little bit better
    This time I used the IMAX charger unit

    The results were better I used it three times before I had some problems with the batteries not charging correctly basically the same problem like above but not quite the same in that the battery voltages on each cells were all over the place ( but a lot closer but the batteries are not being balancing correctly )

    Here is the link to there other version of this battery operated soldering iron controller board


    So then I bought the other version of there battery operated soldering iron controller setup
    This version has a few challenges by it self in that the brand of batteries that they used are a Chinese brand I have never heard of

    I have not done any testing on these batteries yet so I do not know if there claims of amp hours are correct or not

    I replaced the batteries with LG batteries and it seems to charge batteries correctly but the balancing resistors get very hot so I have not figured out what amperage charger to use on it

    I have another battery power solution to power this soldering iron and that is to use a battery pack from Lowe’s ( Kobalt 24 volt battery pack ) and use there battery charger housing to house the Ksger soldering iron controller board and hardware now this setup works very good and do not have any problems charging the battery packs

    This is what brought me to where I am now and for the post above

    I would like to see if I could get the first version I tried to get it to work correctly because it uses a very complicated version of a charging controller that is supposedly keeps the battery’s balanced

    I have not yet figured out how to get good results from this BMS protection balancing board because there balancing resistors only get warm and not hot and it also has balancing LEDs to show you the conditions of each cell voltage when it is over 4.00 volts

    Here is the results of one of the LG batteries that was on the first BMS protection balancing board

    The charger parameters were as follows 3.99 volts @ 1 amp

    Then I set to 4.15@ 0.500 amp and I will post it later when it gets done

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