Interesting language research for "Structured Synchronous Reactive Programming".

There's a university team in Brazil who have written some papers and made their work-in-progress available for use.

It defines a framework for what they call "Structured Synchronous Reactive Programming" with a language called "Céu" that allows for C and Lua code to be embedded.

Very interesting, with some samples that target embedded systems (Arduino examples), and Linux (using libuv for event system).

Check it out at


  • Interesting.
    This language's paradigm is probably the right tool for some jobs. Obviously embedded control, but I think some kinds of network servers could benefit.
  • One of the referenced papers also has a test-case of changing a C++ coded video game to a (mostly) Céu program.

    I find it kind of interesting that they can "wrap" C code inside their language and it reminded me of a software methodology / toolchain I encountered in the mid-90's called "Shlaer–Mellor method".
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