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I just searched the GitHub for available objects for the P2 and found nothing. Could it be that the folders community/p2 and official/p2 are completely empty? Do I have to register to see any contents? Are there any secret repositories because everything is still under development?


  • Correct. Those folders are a work-in-progress, and empty at the moment, apart from the readme.md file.

    There are some demos for P2 under the propeller/resources folder here:

    More will follow over the coming weeks and months.

  • I have something I need to add to the repo, but haven't done it yet. Not sure I can.
  • ke4pjw wrote: »
    I have something I need to add to the repo, but haven't done it yet. Not sure I can.

    Are you able to fork the repo, then create a pull request on the new content ?

    I'm learning this at the moment too, and that's how it's being done within Parallax as it seems to work well that way. (At least it seems to prevent whoopees!)

  • Yeah, fork and then pull request is the git way.
  • Yeeha! I've managed to create my first pull request. Although I use GIT almost every day (but with private repositories) I've never used GITHUB, so far.

    Here is a short summary of what has to be done: https://github.com/parallaxinc/propeller/wiki/Contributing
    The only thing I found a bit confusing was: After clicking on "New pull request" you have to select "compare across forks" otherwise your local fork is not shown.

    This might also be helpful:
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    I'm not in the position to submit an official "call for papers". But I think now that the alpha release of the Propeller Tool V2 is available it's time to fill the P2 OBEX with something useful.

    There is so much useful code out there for
    • serial communication
    • string formatting
    • smart pin examples
    • video drivers
    • memory
    • audio
    • math and signal processing
    • ...
    Some of it is posted over and over again (example here) but if we forget to bookmark it we probably don't find it next time we need it. So much time is wasted by searching, asking the same questions again or re-inventing the wheel. It's time to stop this.

    Even if the existing examples are not 100% optimized or bug-free it would still be useful and everybody could at least see that something exists and he doesn't have to re-invent the wheel. Improvements, debugging and documentation could be done later if requested.
  • @cgracey
    The alpha release came in my email. I launched it and am getting errors. Looked for settings but found nothing.
    Please see attached. Pnut works it is not the board or the usb.
  • I think that is the expected behavior for now...

    First looks for P1 and if that fails, looks for p2
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