$100 Lidar

Plenty of cool things at CES but IMO the biggest breakthrough I saw was this $100 Lidar from Velodyne: https://velodynelidar.com/press-release/velodyne-lidar-introduces-velabit/ No moving parts! Sure seems to be a game changer. https://www.engadget.com/2020/01/07/velodyne-velabit-ces-2020/

It's aimed squarely at the automotive market. Brand new, just revealed at CES. One company https://www.roboticresearch.com/ had a drone flying with one, they've been doing hush-hush testing for Velodyne for some time now (they couldn't say how long). Their Pegasus line is drones specializing in inspecting bridges etc. Flies down from above, lands on treads that transform into blade guards in flight!

The Pegasus mini is the one that they showed with the new $100 Velobit Lidar. https://www.roboticresearch.com/defense/solutions/pegasus/

Ken, get your order in now!

600 x 600 - 421K
1920 x 650 - 389K


  • Wow! I wonder what the data processing requirements are? P2 territory, do you think?
  • Very cool!
    FWIW, this $99 LIDAR is pretty cool. It outputs a stream of data with angle and distance information.

    One of my many projects is to mount this LIDAR on a motorized pivot in order to get scans of the ground in front of my robot.

    The USB connection can be bypassed to make it easy for a Propeller to monitor the data stream.

    Of course getting the data is just the start of the challenge of using this in a robot.

    I'm curious what sort of data the Velabit outputs.
    752 x 621 - 154K
  • Solid state and 100m range!

    This is very interesting. I could never get excited about the motorised types.
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