[s]Blue Skies, no smoke[/s] Fires really bad again!

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For the first time in weeks there is blue skies and no smoke :)

The fires are still raging about 22km away tho. The firees have done a great job to keep the fires at bay, even tho they cannot put them out. They have been doing back burning whenever possible.

We live on the Central Coast which is about 90km from Sydney. Our suburb (Kariong) is ~1000 houses on smallish blocks of ~600mm2 just off the freeway. Many do the drive to Sydney for work, including our son who lives nearby - his daily work trip is 93km each way and he's been doing that for about 15 years. We are surrounded by bush. Down the hill is the city of Gosford. There is only bush and a small river between us and the fires. Fingers crossed :)


  • Better to be out on the Cat on the water. :)
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    Scary stuff to be sure. Fingers & toes crossed, continued prayers and good vibes your way, Cluso99! You live aboard your boat, or do you have a house nearby?
  • Yeah, Sydney has been copping it bad lately. I guess that's why they call it the "big smoke" :)

    But 93km drive each way, every day, for 15 years. Sheer madness! Just like his dad :)

    Didn't you get rid of your boat?
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    @Peter Jakacki , your signature proves you're a Star Wars fan. You might not approve of the gag gift that won my "Stupid Gift Exchange" on this side of the pond Friday. Somewhere between funny and seriously twisted: "Baby Yoda Jerky" and such. :)

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  • We have been back on land for 10 years. We still have the cat although its not getting much use :(
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    Yoda jerky! Gag!!
  • The owner where I work (first time since 1976 where I’ve worked for someone else) is a big Star Wars fan. All the servers have Star Wars names and well the passwords... nuff said, tho you’d never guess them.

    And interesting aside, we’re finding all those enforced password rules - you know, requires those weird ASCII characters (looking at you Apple) - so we complied with others too, are now banning the use of these rarely use ASCII characters, as it seems they can be used to force malware code execution. So we’re now seeing our passwords being rejected by websites, requiring changes to less obtuse characters. Seems full circle!

    Going to be bad again tomorrow with high 30s and above all over the state. The fires have been back burning containment lines over the past week as the opportunity arose. Here’s hoping they hold. We just have to wait for them to burn out as the front is way too big to extinguish. The burnt area on the map looks to be nearly 200km in diameter!!!
  • Yeah, heard about the weird password chars being not so good. I like using phrases for passwords, longer and easier to not fat finger them, plus it is written down in plain sight (for me that is). As long as the hint points to the objects/titles/authors/etc I don't have to worry to much about forgetting them. Not recommended to use a news paper or magazine you may toss out though......
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    Really bad today. Was still 42C here but cold front on its way up the coast. Many houses destroyed :(

    Tomorrow expected to be 26C but back into mid 30s Saturday.

    Update: Saturday now forecast to be 47C or 116.6F :(
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    As you will have noticed, the fires are really bad here.
    We sent the smoke all the way to New Zealand and their snow is now covered in ash!

    We have remained safe as the fires have been held at the river.

    So far they estimate 8.4M hectares have been burnt. For some perspective, that's 20% of California which is 43M hectares.

    We received a large thunderstorm this afternoon that hopefully fell in the fire zone. They need a decent drop or it just hampers back-burning but does nothing to halt the fires. Fortunately not too many lives have been lost thanks to the firefighters. However, many homes and farms have been lost, and lots of sheep and cattle too, and of course wildlife.

    The fires are too big to even attempt to extinguish. They are just trying to save property. The fires are expected to burn for at least a couple of months :(

    RossH is somewhere in or near the fires South of Sydney. Hoping he and his family are safe!
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