Creative Lipo Shipping

I ordered two small Lipo batteries from eBay China. The package I received (USPS mail) contained only a tiny toy boat and a cork coaster (pic). I was confused... I took a photo to complain to the seller. As I was composing the shot, I realized the Lipos were hidden away, tucked inside the boat. Kinda clever, and potentially dangerous at some point. I presume there are people working on this potential problem?
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  • from the USPS web page about shipping LIPO batteries:
    Shipping Lithium Batteries to International Destinations?

    Lithium batteries can only be shipped internationally if they are installed in the equipment they operate. Shipping carriers are not allowed to ship packages containing only lithium batteries or cells to international locations – they must be included inside a product. No markings or documentation are allowed on these international mailpieces. This rule applies to all international as well as APO/FPO/DPO destinations.
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    Ha, this must surely be an electric boat! :)
  • Don't laugh. Electric Boat Division who currently builds subs, got started building (what else?) electrically driven boats. And there's a great story out there concerning those early submarines to about the middle of the last century.

    Erco was this package opened at home? Or at your offices? For there are several well dressed individuals who will work for food and attention examining your package.

    Never mind the very bored mountain lion outside examining the garbage.
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