P2 Temperature characterization ?

Are there any final-silicon plots for variation with Temperature ?
Often vendors give MIN and MAX from test limits, and plots of representative samples on graphs.

Especially :

RCSLOW kHz vs °C

Current Mode pin drives : (I think these are available in both N and P directions ? )
1mA / 100uA / 10uA Stability vs °C and expected precision of these ?

Resistance mode pin drives :
1.5k / 15K / 150k temperature curves, or ppm/°C with spread, if known from process.


  • I thought you have a board JMG.
  • jmgjmg Posts: 14,566
    evanh wrote: »
    I thought you have a board JMG.

    Yes, I have a Board, but no temperature chamber, and besides, my sample size is far too small...
  • What I remember from Nov 2018 testing (ES Rev A glob top) was
    * rcfast was really remarkably stable wrt temp, though its absolute value differs by board by a few MHz
    * rcslow frequency showed a strong temp coefficient
    * the resistances were about 6% off, i can't remember which direction sorry

    As jmg says just a sample size of 1, I'm sure they will get to testing more, eventually.
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