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  • I think I've now recorded all the interesting ones I've currently got on my SD card (that did not already have videos made by the authors, that is (Unterwelt's HEL driver in particular glitches up my capture device quite badly (the weird jailbars I've talked about before, flagging, horizontal jitter and for some reason the color burst intrudes into the picture on the left - totally fine on all the TVs I've tried though), so anything I could make wouldn't be very good, anyways)
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    And because I've got everything hooked up and am out of video material, y'all can treat yourself to a teaser of whatever game thing I've been working on for a quite while:

    If this looks "barely even started" to you, that's because it is. That's both because I work incredibly slowly and because I had to build a lot of tooling. I built:
    - A custom video driver (you may know and/or love this as JET Engine)
    - A custom XMM runtime
    - A custom XMM macro-assembler (except it's really just Ruby in a trenchcoat)
    - A fast high-level emulator for PC (which I could have recorded instead of the native P1 version to bypass the crappy composite capture, but something something authenticity, you know?)
    - A GUI graphics and map editor
    - A bunch of other random gunk
  • That looks stunning! Very LTTP-like in some ways (my personal favorite Zelda). I haven't seen too many P1 games that looked what I'd call SNES-level graphics, but this does, IMO.
  • Not quite SNES-level, there's still only one BG layer :smile:
    Although certainly better graphics than any NES game. Just so many more colors to go around.
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    I made a playlist of all the videos I use in my software archive - the one I recorded are all unlisted, so this is the only way to find them all without going through the actual archive. It also has the videos I didn't do myself.


  • Why not just port the MAME/MESS emulator to the P2 - then you could cover most games, computers, and old console systems.
  • Simple: It's too big/inefficient to fit in 512k Hub.
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