Can't print to Terminal

I can program/run almost anything else on My ActivityBot 360 WX. I am currently running a task to sweep a servo from 0 to 180 degrees continually. But no matter what I do I cannot get anything to print to the terminal. Even the Basic "Hello World" will not print. I manually jumped SEL to GND to insure it was using the USB. I can run the same program in Simple IDE without difficulty. Read all I could, Any suggestions? Thanx for any help. tom


  • Hi atreau!

    Welcome to the forums!

    Just to be clear, are you connecting/programming your ActivityBot with a USB cable?

    Usually when you click "Run Once" or "Load and Run", Blockly will detect terminal commands in your code and open the Terminal popup window for you.

    First guess....

    Your browser (or some other addon) is blocking popup windows from opening?
    Maybe add the BlocklyProp URL to a security whitelist.

    As another test, does manually clickling the OpenSerialTerminal button help or show any sort of clue about the issue ?

  • Sorry, I wasn't clear, trying to be terse. It apears that everything is working okay. The USB LED's blinking etc. The window does open but there is never anything on the screen. Yes, the windows opens with the OpenSerialTerminal button. That's what has me so confused. Thanks for the response I greatly appreciate it tom
  • If I understand, you see the Serial Terminal window, but you're not getting the expected data displayed ?

    In that case, what about starting with a very simple bunch of blocks, just to test Serial Terminal in your setup.

    Here's an example:

    You should see the P26/27 leds blinking as Hello appears 10 times.

    Another thing to try is swapping out the USB cable for a new one.

    And also measure the Activity Bot battery voltage, or for testing power the PAB-WX from the DC power jack with a mains adapter, instead of the Activity Bot batteries. (This should not really be needed, but doesn't hurt to eliminate potential power source issues.)
  • Thanks to everyone! I solved the problem by uninstalling/reinstalling the Blockly Prop Client. Strange that it only affected the Terminal! TA tom
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