Multi-core processors continue to expand.. Kalray Coolidge tapes out in 16nm

Makes the P2 looks ordinary, tho this might usefully use a P2 as a slave node
No price or package indication yet, but says

"It includes 80 cores (Kalray 64-bit time predictable and energy efficient VLIW cores), and supports the unique capability to combine multiple Coolidge together in order to bring larger amount of cores depending the need of the targeted application. In addition, 80 patented co-processors are tightly integrated within each core to bring a blazing boost of performance for Artificial Intelligence and compute intensive applications, to reach up to 4 Tera FLOPS and 25 TOPS (which is about 25x the performance of the previous generation) with the total chip consuming less than 20W. This superior ratio makes Coolidge best-in-class for high performance embedded applications. Many advanced high-speed interfaces such as 100 GbE or PCIe Gen4, allow for the integration in high-performance systems, while specialized interfaces such as CAN assure seamless compatibility with targeted applications such as autonomous cars."

80 x 64b VLIW cores, and each of those has 80 co-processors. 20W is needing some active cooling.


  • Yeah but it's French.... Everything will be bass ackwards.

    Driving a rental Renault, right now, took me a week to find the cruise control... I have to reach down to the side of my seat, under the parking brake :swear:
  • I dare say microcontroller may not be as fitting for this as cpu would.
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