"The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells - controlled by 2 X Basic Stamps

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"The Time Machine"
By H.G. Wells

I have always been a fan of the original version of, "The Time Machine". I decided to add animation and lights. The model is quite large as can be seen from the photos and video.
I created a separate key that must be inserted to switch the machine on (just like the original). The disk rotates forward or back in time faster or slower the more the lever is moved. The lights all work the same as in the film. It is controlled by two basic stamps. One controls all the lights, the other the disk. The Basic Stamps both talk to one another through a serial communications link.

Hope you like it!
1458 x 1524 - 511K
1524 x 2032 - 586K
1617 x 1524 - 584K
2032 x 1524 - 957K
1912 x 1524 - 517K
1500 x 1524 - 625K


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