Working on an idea for the Acceleration sensors

I have the Memsic one, and its wearing a bag from RS. Does anyone remember the widget that FTDI designed for making it possible for us to write stuff from a BASIC Stamp via serial methods? My idea was to make use of that and the Memsic Acceleration one and a BS2 widget to record the effects on an appropriate platform, itself would be a generic one with wheels on it.

But I do not see it on the Parallax website. Oddly enough I do have the FTDI development platform for creating custom methods for their VINC2 and VINC1 (but more VINC2) devices. The widget I'm referring to was based on the VNC1 platform. The idea was that I'd use it and the toolchain to write to it the code that would cause something to be written to a thumb drive when a serial stream of text is available from say a BOE wearing the MEMSIC 2125 Dual-axis Accelerometer would of course sense the acceleration of the platform and code on the Basic Stamp would translate the events into regular numbers, and they would be written to that thumb drive. That's what I was originally looking for the data logger widget for.

Essentially one of the people in my LUG's hack night was disputing the capabilities of the BS2 widget and I pointed out that it was a perfect beginners platform after the BS1 device.

Blue sky idea today for a very wet Monday today.


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    If I understand correctly, your goal is to use a BS2 to get acceleration values from a Memsic accelerometer, convert them to an ascii string, output the string to a Vinculum-II, which then writes that data to a USB thumb drive. Is that an apt description?

    Not an unreasonable idea if you have all the parts laying around, but not the most efficient way to go these days. The BS2 can read the data from the data from the Memsic, convert it to an ascii string, and then output it to an SD or MicroSD card directly.

    PS - The most likely reason you don't see that widget on the web site is that MicroSD cards are simpler to use, less costly, smaller, and more convenient than USB thumb drives.
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  • I think you mean the Parallax Memory Stick Data Logger. Discontinued but you can still find the data sheet...

    It is functionally equivalent to a product still offered directly from FTDI, the vDrive.
    Find it at Mouser here.
    You don't need the VINCx development platform in order to use it. It has canned firmware takes serial commands in PBASIC, to read and write data on the thumb drive.
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