Hello All,
Went to order 5 and..........
I was expecting it, but did not get the word. I do not see it on the for sale site anymore. I know I looked less then 2 weeks ago and it was their. First the Commodore 64 then the BS2e and now the BS2p48. The cost was ridiculous ($12.99) but it was my ONLY OEM goto MC. I just received in 10 OEM PCB's for a Demo project and I only have (1) OEM chip left. WOW. Guess I was the only one buying them.

Did all my 3D CAD, 3D printing, Diptrace Layout, Electronic Design, Trouble Shooting, repair and SMT re-flow in my house, just like a lot of you.

Will have to figure the next best ($$$$$) move??????

maybe I just over looked it....

PS:if I had just hit that Billion dollar Power Ball, I was gonna have a BS(3) designed......


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