FS: HERO-1 - complete and unbuilt in box with everything - arm, controller, etc.

I have a complete HERO-1 sitting in it's box waiting for someone with time and interest to assemble it. Bought it years ago and never got around to doing much with it. I started the remote controller and just got busy with other things. Anyone interested in buying this guy and putting him together?

I know, what am I asking? Well, what's an unbuilt HERO-1 worth when all of them on eBay are parts or repair?

I'm in SC and would prefer not to have to ship this big box and little boxes, but for the right deal, I'll UPS them.

If someone is serious about getting this, I'll get a full list and pics and such.



  • ercoerco Posts: 19,466
    Carl: Welcome! Those old things are virtually worthless, but you seem like a nice guy so I'll take all that junk off your hands for $50...

    JK, you can name your price on Ebay. Unbuilt Heathkit ANYTHINGs sell for outrageous prices, people are eager to recapture their youth. Robert Doerr deals in HERO robots and in fact bought Heathkit's inventory per http://www.retrotechnology.com/restore/heath_robot.html He used to be a member here, IIRC. See also https://www.robotgallery.com/robotgallery/index.html and try pinging him at rdoerr@bizserve.com

    I bet your lot might fetch $5000 or more.
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