A driver for the 1.3 inch display with the SH1106 Controller

3dogpottery3dogpottery Posts: 49
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I’ve been trying in vain to get the SH1106 controller into “Horizontal Addressing Mode”. Dummy me! The SH1106 only has one addressing mode and that is Page Addressing. So, I finished writing a driver for the 1.3” I2C OLED's that also can be found on eBay for about $8.00. It is similar to the .96" version but the slightly larger screen really makes a difference. However, the controller is not as feature rich as the SSH1306 controlling the .96 inch OLED. (Note: This seller claims that the controller is an SSD1306, but it is not. Some other sellers for this particular OLED module have it right though.) I uploaded the driver to the OBEX.


This is the OLED module I purchased on eBay:

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