The Propeller Modular Computer

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DISCLAIMER: This is my first PCB I have designed, except for a power distribution board, which I do not plan to have made for a while.

I have long toyed with the idea of a multi-prop computer, starting with a 6-prop PCB idea which never made it past the schematic file. I recently got ht in the head with a brick of thoughts and had the idea of a modular computer. So far, I have made a simple schematic of a main board, with a plug to house CPU cards(I also have a simple schematic for these.), a bank of I/O access, and a Quickstart header to use the Human Interface Board. The CPU cards are stacked upon each other in a vise-versa technique, with every other card rotated 180 degrees. The Idea is for a computer which has expandable CPU strength, with a linear startup identification system to count and identify however many cards are on the board. I hope to code this baby in Spin, maybe PASM for some high-speed comms, and I am liking the Idea of a 100Mhz overclocked setup(my thread Just How Fast Can A P1 Go? has given some great insight on overclocking). I will post(hopefully soon) the KiCAD files.
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