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Gordon's Treasures

As you may know, forum friend and robotics author Gordon McComb passed away last September. His wife Jennifer contacted me to say that she's in the process of moving and clearing out a lot of stuff, selling through her Ebay store at There are just a few things there now, and she says there is much to sell, much from Gordon's "Budget Robotics" website, which appears to be down now. It will be an ongoing process, even after she moves. IMO it's worth bookmarking that site and checking in occasionally to see what's available... she asked me to get the word out. So here's a chance to help Gordon's family and rehome some interesting pieces of robotics history.

The fifth edition of Gordon's robotics book just came out ~December, see Great reading for anyone interested in robotics and electronics in general. The book has a companion site at which is chock full of great info.

There is still some work to do that we may be able to help Jennifer with, regarding loose ends on that website. Duane Degn worked on some Arduino code, and Jennifer says there are some unfinished projects. I can't think of a better way to give back than help out in this regard. I will inquire for specifics.

As ever, God bless Gordon, Jennifer and his family through this difficult transition.


  • I only seen three things in the ebay store. Hopefully more will come later.
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    DigitalBob wrote: »
    I only seen three things in the ebay store. Hopefully more will come later.

    Jennifer assures me that there is plenty more stuff to come. I'm sure she's busy & overwhelmed with more pressing tasks. As I suggested, bookmark that page and check in periodically. Gordon had lots of neat stuff on Budget Robotics plus a lot of one-offs, as any good enthusiast/hoarder does. :)
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    There are still some simple unfinished projects from Gordon's book which are mentioned in the final chapters. From Jennifer:

    These are the projects:
    LightBot, using an Arduino or similar, BBC micro:bit, CdS photocells, sound impact sensor
    LineBot, using DC motors, BBC micro:bit microcontroller, SparkFun moto:bit board, line sensors (put together with foam core and hot glue)
    BallBot, he used an Arduino Uno but it just says microcontroller, servos, gripper

    I plan to assist when time permits (I'm so buried with my own business now it isn't even funny) but if anyone has time to help out in any capacity now that would be wonderful. We should all have this new book, but if you don't, Jennifer offers to send PDFs of relevant chapters to anyone who wants to pitch in. PM me for contact info. These are simple/fun/easy projects, and Gordon would be most pleased.

  • I'm looking forward to it. Probably some great stuff is going to be up for sale.
  • Hanging me head in shame and sadness, although my last interaction with Gordon on this site was not the most positive one, and something I fault myself for, I would be happy to assist his wife and anyone involved in updating and building anything needed to bring the site up to speed with the 5th edition of Robot Builder's Bonanza.

    @erco I'll send you a PM with contact info.
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,925
    Thanks JonM, will get your contact info to Jennifer and vice versa.
  • ercoerco Posts: 19,925
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    Jennifer (Gordon's wife) has completed her move to Washington state and is starting to list more of Gordon's treasures in her Ebay store at There are a lot of craft items to wade through, but it's definitely worth a look regularly since she has a lot of stuff yet to itemize.
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