Sphero RVR Robot

This looks like an amazing kickstarter project.

So far they are developing libraries for Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit, and Arduino. I hope to add some for the Propeller.

They went with JavaScript as there programming language with Blocks and scribbling language on top of that.

When it gets released they are also including a ball that uses all the same programming and rolls around on the floor. Neat.

This thing out of the box has everything put together. Gyros, Color matching, rechargeable battery, LED's and it drives in a straight line.

Check it out.

Sphero RVR on KickStarter



  • ercoerco Posts: 19,588
    Looks pretty cool, other than the KS website which loads painfully slowly, since it's loading a bunch of videos simultaneously... hate that.

    But Sphero makes great stuff, this has some interesting potential.
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