Checksum for BASIC Stamp Object Code

hello from germany,

i'm the new one ...

currently i'm working on a notepad++ plugin to replace the parallax basic stamp editor. the most of the magic will be done from the parallax pbasic tokenizer library (v1.23) (is there somewhere a version available that is able to compile bs2px24 source code? okay, this is another question ...) but i'm running into big timing problems while uploading the object code to the target device.

regarding my upload problem:
i've decided to create a temporary object file and upload it with the command line tool stamploader.exe. i did find the basic stamp object code file format (v1.3) specification and i'm able to create a valid file expect the checksum. i've tried several 16 bit checksum algorithms but i can't find the right one or i'm using the wrong range for the checksum calculation (actually byte 0x0000 - 0x4bc5).

any ideas what i'm missing or doing wrong?

thanks in advance,
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