Help Starting up With XBees

After searching and searching for sample code, I caved and decided to get XBees. Now I need help deciding which ones to get. Which model will provide a good range with lower range cost? Also, does the USB adapter board let a Stamp connect like the 5v/3.3v board does?


  • Ok, I looked at your other units that seem to connect with just straight SPI interface.

    So, don't know why you would need a driver for it.

    You set CS low and then send it 1 to 32 bytes of data.

    This is the same with XBee's. You use serial data at 9600 8, None 1 and send it.

    I have used the Pro version. You need the USB adapter so that you can connect the units to your computer and program them to talk to each other. Each unit is programmed with the others address so that when they are in transparent mode the data is just sent to the other unit and received.

    The hard part is programming them to talk to each other.

    I fear that if you can't get the other units to work this may have the same issues.

    You will need the 5v to 3.3v adapter board to use these units with a 5v device.

    I can't help with the spin code as I did everything in C code.


  • XBee code is everywhere around here, I couldn't find any code for these units.
  • XBee documentation is good. Could not find any documentation on your units "E01-ML01DP5". They only show the pin connections and not how the data is put together nor if you need to pair two units together.

    I would assume they just talk to each other.

    I know getting the XBee's to work at first was difficult but once you pair the units together it just works. I used them to build a transmitter to control a model tank unit.

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    XBee code is everywhere around here, I couldn't find any code for these units.

    They lok like nordic modules. Here is some code
  • They are indeed just a backpack of the nrf24L01 transceiver. I went down that rabbit hole in my previous search for info, and the link to the propeller code is now broken. Am going to try the OBEX.
  • Tracked down a possible match. Will try to check it out tomorrow, as I don’t know how to read Spin code on an iPhone!😁
  • Not sure if the code from the "Programming and Customizing" book is of any help:
  • If it does use the Nordic chip then this is a manual for it. Very complicated to setup but once configured should work just fine.

  • This may help... Attached zipped SimpleIDE Spin project.
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