reference the Memsic 2125

In the beginning, many years ago, I built a DIRECTV satellite tracker, using the HMC6352 compass and the Memsic 2125. The compass holds the dish to 1 degree of resolution and the Memsic 2125 tells me that the tracker is level. This operates on my boat, and as the boat swings on anchor the dish still points to the satellite that is on the equator at 101 degrees Longitude. Only azmuth, the elevation is fixed, unless I move the boat long distance East or West. I use a geared down DC motor being driven by a L293 and the BS2sx. (SX not available that's a shame!)

OK, now, for my anyone that has played around with the Memsic 2125, and I have read and used Tracy Allen's source code to get degree of tilt data from the Memsic 2125....tell me at a level plain, what is the xRaw and the yRAW output is. Is it around 5000 for both. Now, for the $64,000 question, what is the xRAW and the yRAW when the Memsic 2125 is tilted to 90 degrees for the xRAW and 90 degrees for the yRAW? Is the span of TILT for both 0 to 10000, with 5000 being the level plain?

And, has anyone ever had a Memsic 2125 go crazy or fail?

Thanks to all...Mr. Green, have you got any answers...I have always respected your words of wisdom..

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