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Splitting program?

Carol HazlettCarol Hazlett Posts: 305
edited 2019-03-01 00:46 in Learn with BlocklyProp
I use the method of taking a screen shot then printing it to make hard copies of my program but they are often a lot longer than the screen shot will do. I can shrink the picture but sometimes it becomes too small to be readable. I think I already know the answer but maybe one of you more experienced users may know. Is there a way to split the program into different columns on the screen and still have it run as one continuous program?


  • Hi Carol!

    Blockly evaluates from "top blocks" and generally from top-to-bottom and left-to-right. While I can't guarentee that this would work, as long at the start of the next column to the right was vertically lower than the previous one, it should still work.
  • If you are talking one processor, just split, I'm not sure. I generally take many screen shots, just because I can't see any more. You can have different functions or processor functions and they defiantly don't have to be inn the same column. I use a separate column for each processor. Very flexible.
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