Join us for a micro:bit for cyber:bot webinar!

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Hi everyone!

If you're interested in learning more about Parallax's latest robotic endeavor using the micro:bit, tune into the cyber:bot webinar on January 24th at 2 PM PT. Produced in collaboration with NICERC, the cyber:bot extends the popular BBC micro:bit to provide real-time I/O control to include Parallax's most popular robotic circuits.

Be sure to register for the webinar on the Parallax events page. See you there!


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    Sounds like a fiery good time! Smokin' hot subject matter!

    Take me from the wreckage, save me from the blast...
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  • Pardon my insolence please. What is a micro:bit?
    Sarcasm for English build 2019.12.30 released two days before New Year's! Ports to other languages are in progress and are expected to be finished by January 5, 2020.
  • Micro:bit is a wonderfully powerful little board and has lots of potential for educational robotics and coding. Check it out here: Parallax sells them here and they are working on a robot as to be featured in the webinar mentioned above.
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