Hubexec instruction fetching and REP

Take the following example that I've tacked to the end of test program:
		rep     @.rend,#0
		drvnot  #33
		drvnot  #56
		waitx   ##clock_freq

I'm thinking hubexec and cogexec will take exactly the same number of sysclock cycles per loop because instruction fetching triggers a fifo refill while the WAITX is still executing.

Any long executing instruction at the end of the loop will benefit from this. Possibly even a RDLONG although there may be congestion on that one. Admittedly, most are going to be waiting type instructions but a cordic command can take advantage of it.


  • Bugger, doesn't pan out in testing. I'm getting an extra 24 ticks per loop instead of the expected 6. Shrug.
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