Help with a robotic recovery mission

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Hi everyone,

This is a call for help on behalf of three Sherpa families in Nepal, being sponsored by Ken Gracey.

Ken doesn't know about this post- he's too selfless to ask here. But I figured the help effort includes an interestingly looking ROV, and it should be a good thing to see how the volunteers, robots and electronics work together in such harsh conditions.

Beyond all that, this really looks like an important mission and I also feel these families involved who do so much for so many could do with a break and some help from outside their community.

The recovery effort, if funded, will be attempted by a US volunteer organisation:

You can read all about it here, and perhaps consider to donate a little bit too.

Please share this link to any place you can - help spread the word and help Ken make a difference.


  • Thanks for bringing that to our attention.
  • A worthwhile cause for sure.
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    Very considerate of you to share here.

    I hadn't thought about buzzing our customers too closely but we need all the help we can get. As you read, I was at this location in October and observed (up close) the futile recovery efforts. Two drowned kids are just out of reach with the equipment they were using. By simply stepping up the operation we would put this situation to rest, once and for all. I've got the world's best recovery experts ready to go. Bruce's Legacy has a substantial ROV with gripper, sonar, camera, lights and high-altitude dive capability. They've already done this 26 times successfully. The Sherpa community will move us and the gear straight to the location, make meals, and manage helicopter transportation. They're a tight-knit community who work together to manage their villages, animals and tourists. Government is near helpless in Nepal.

    The Sherpa parents and family of the drowned boys have been incredibly thankful. Like parents in any part of the world, they want closure. They've been in contact with me this week and expressed amazing gratitude for the effort, sharing photos. It would be tough for all of us if we can't make an honest attempt.

    I had hoped that the climbing community would contribute, but they've not been responsive. Every year, thousands of westerners go to Everest region and trek/climb the Himalayas. Sherpa people recover lost climbers, carry gear, make meals, and get us up the mountains. People will spend $5-80K depending on the nature of their trip. My friends (you) have made 90% of the contributions.

    I understand it's hard to put money towards deceased recoveries, in a foreign country of all places. It seems about as far away from our cozy, comfortable reality as it could be. But it's not that way.

    If you want to put in ten bucks, that'd be wonderful. If you have ideas how I could motivate big donors (or many smaller ones) I'm reading carefully and will put your thoughts to work.

    Parallax keeps me very busy through July every year, but I'll carve out 10 days (8 of which would be travel via plane, foot, helicopter) and lead this effort if we get funded.

    Thanks, Ken Gracey

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