And the OLED example just works

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EDIT: Found the one that got me started thinking.
I thought all of you should know that the OLED example provided by one of the members, Rogersyd does indeed work here.

I dug up a Propeller Quick Start Board, in fact one which I have thing on it to identify the connections, and connected it to the OLED display that closely approximates the one from Parallax, and connected it as shown in the example. And reconnected the board to the computer. Sent the code to it, following the usual steps in compiling current to the on board RAM assembly. And it just works.

It is currently blinking the name of the chap who created it, one named (Forum user name) "MacTuxLin" which confirmed for me that the example works.

I finally decided to try it because I was getting bored with the usual ideas for OLED displays on the Pi, a simple time of day display for example. The fun one from Adafruit shows the IP address plus useful device information does not apply here (or there).

Basically the only ones I saw were of course that first, and the second, the others expected us to use our imaginations, and mine refused to reboot for that display. So there you go. And here's the post. More news later on that and in a different thread. Oh and Roger, if your still with us, have a quiet new year celebration, both you and the writer friend the cat.
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  • Hi Buck. Yea I am still lurking around this parts occasionally. There was a time in my life where I bought just about every parallax product they put out and devoured every forum post. These days I go months without even firing up a propeller. Glad you found that driver useful. Good luck to you as well in the new year!
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