IPC A-610?

Hey, is there anyone have the latest updates of IPC A-610 which are also included in IPC 610 training course?


  • I doubt you will find any recent copies floating around since IPC-A-610 is a licensed document and handing it out freely is a violation of the license and copyright. The latest version, Rev G, for non-IPC members is $190, PDF or hardcopy.
    The training courses span across 4 days (including exam time) so the powerpoint slides are very extensive, but heavily protected as well.

    I use IPC-A-610 every week at work, an electronics contract manufacturer. Our internal trainer just finished her 4 day re-certification to be our IPC 610 Certified Trainer.

    What is your exact need for the material? I may still have a hardcopy of Rev D that I could loan you.
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