Looking for adhesive suggestions

I have a plastic part that is broken and I'd like to glue it back together. It's the swivel mount for the AM ferrite rod antenna on the back of a 70's Pioneer stereo receiver. I'm not sure what type of plastic it is. Seems slippery, shiney and maybe a little waxy. Possibly nylon?

Anyway I first tried super glue. Didn't hold. Then super glue for plastics. That held for a short minute then came apart. Next I tried 2 part epoxy made for plastics. Held a little longer but then broke. I should mention that the parts fit snug together and that I let each one cure for 24 hours plus before applying any pressure. The adhesives I used were all Loctite brand products.

Anyone have any suggestions? Someone told me to try the adhesive you see advertised on TV that you cure with a UV light. I always felt that was a gimmick but have not heard any actual experience with it.


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