Robotics Book - Seeking Spin / C / Basic Collaborators

Hi guys/gals,

I've been working on a book here and the publisher is at the point where they want to start seeing actual code examples soon.

To make the book so it isn't dependent on a single manufacturer or product, they want code examples for the main platforms. So Arduino, Prop, and Basic is what we're currently after. That list might change a bit, but for sure Prop and Duino.

Is there anyone interested in helping out with this? I'll be honest the pay won't be great if I can pay for it at all. I don't expect to make much money off the book. It's mainly because I don't see a book covering what this one will and I started Kinvert to reach as many kids as possible.

The hardest on my end is Arduino since I don't own even a single one. But I'm very busy in my business right now and I have a newborn, so help with any of these will be appreciated.


Founder of Kinvert


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