Stamp Editor 2.5.4

Hello All,
I've been having problems with my setup. Editor says my cable is bad or power. Changed both, along with serial to usb from parallax, with same results. Now the Serial ports will not change. I've walked through all the steps that is displayed and moved cables on my pc with no luck. I've Clicked "Preferences" and "Auto", no luck. I've done (install/Repair/uninstall) and "Auto" will not find the Adapter.

What steps have I missed when something like this happens?

1) Auto does not seem to work
2) No Basic Stamps found on port COM8
3) Moved my wireless mouse around so the ports do work.....any thoughts.

Thanks for any help


  • Are you using a Parallax USB to Serial adapter with a Board of Education? Do you get any ports when you click on Edit Ports in Preferences? Are there any excluded if so?
    Joshua Donelson
  • Are you running windows if so what version?? Did load the driver from the parallax website? Have you looked in the device manger to see the connection and update driver? I have one stamp Oem board that has an issue and the software doesn't see the bs2. But if I put the bs2 chip in another board it works.
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