Hacking an LCD viewfinder from old camcorder


I have a Panasonic camcorder model :nv-rx33, still working.
The viewfinder works perfectly.
The viewfinder has a Sony CXA1854AR IC.
The LCD model is Sony LCX005BKB8.

The viewfinder is connected to the camera by a 7 wire connector.
Wires 6 and 7 are for the back light , the rest are for the video ,the lcd power and so on.
I have the LCD's data sheet, also the viewfinder datasheet.
I'm only an amateur ,so it doesn't help me a lot. but I can provide it to anyone who would like to help.
I would like to use the viewfinder independently, either as a monitor or to make a small video projector.
I'm attaching some photos.
Can someone help me please.
Thanks ahead.
800 x 389 - 240K
766 x 306 - 185K
800 x 680 - 489K
815 x 500 - 65K


  • Welcome to the forums!

    Are you trying to interface with a Parallax product?
    Infernal Machine
  • I did the same thing many years ago, before I knew anything about electronics. I wanted to make a head mounted display to use for monitoring the wireless camera on my helicopter.

    I found where the power fed into it and then by experiment discovered where the composite video fed into. Three lines, power, ground and video.

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