PROPBASIC....I2C...and the HMC6352 compass

On to another lesson...and just wondering if anyone, using PROPBASIC has had success with using I2C communications with the Sparkfun HMC6352. I have used the HMC6352 without I2C, by using SEROUT and SERIN with the Basic Stamp. And, BTW, the HMC6352 will hold 1 degree accuracy....

I seem to be missing something....learning sure is tough...DennO


  • Wow that is one expensive compass!
  • Yes, a little pricey, and they do not sell it anymore...but it will hold 1 degree accuracy. I developed a motor drive, using L293 motor drive, along with the BS2sx to hold an azimuth angle for a DirectV dish on my boat, with digital readout on an LCD, as the boat swings on anchor. Elevation is preset, and once the dish is aimed at the satellite at 101 degrees over the equator with good signal strength, it will hold that azimuth angle. I am not sure why the HMC6352 is still not out there. The CMPS03, which I am playing with for a couple of years now, does not hold that accuracy.

    Shawn Lowe...I did see that, for $150, on EBAY, for the chip only, but when Sparkfun was selling the breakout board, it was not that much...perhaps someone else knows of a compass module that is as accurate....


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