Biomedical opportunity for P2 ???

Over on hackaday is an article on a hackaday entry for biomedical. It's an open source electrical impulse body scanner. It's like an MRI or ultrasound machine with a difference and can be built really cheap (a few dollars).
This entry references a YouTube video where the code and design is open sourced and on GitHub.
An ARM M3 is being used. IMHO a P2 would fit here nicely.
Sorry I haven't copied the links.
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  • Beau SchwabeBeau Schwabe Posts: 6,415
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    Being directly in the robotic research and development end of the prosthetic industry for a decade, one of the things to consider is portability and weight if this is to be a wearable device. Portability = low power, which may not be a good fit for the P2. Any added weight has a pendulum effect which equates to extra physical energy the patient must compensate for which can lead to sores and early fatigue. If on the other hand the biomedical device is used for scanning, monitoring, measuring, training, etc. then the P2 might be a better fit.

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  • evanhevanh Posts: 7,877
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    The other big area of this sort is gimmicks. Border security is big into gimmicks these days. EDIT: Or maybe I should be directing that at politicians.

    "We suspect that ALMA will allow us to observe this rare form of CO in many other discs.
    By doing that, we can more accurately measure their mass, and determine whether
    scientists have systematically been underestimating how much matter they contain."
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