[Release] JET ENGINE - New tile&sprite graphics driver



  • So way back when I made my own screen dumping program for the Propeller games I made and I just basically cheated with the palette by doing a video capture of the palette screen (through some WinTV PC card) then just grabbing the color values from that capture. The colors were washed out, but good enough for the purpose of pulling screenshots from my games. It was my intention to revisit this at some point because I was porting over one of my game to Linux in C. I was able to plug in the routines (after some pulling my hair with the colors off until I figured out I swapped the blue/red channel). The colors are certainly more vibrant than the ones I pulled, however I remember I used undocmented colors. These colors were extra saturated and I believe 180 degrees off the regular colors. These colors are in 0xZ8 values (replace Z with 0-F). Here is the color palette I created long ago where you can see the washed out normal colors and super saturated undocumented colors.[img][img][/img]

    255 x 258 - 3K
  • Thanks for making all these Prop games, @JT Cook !
    They're some of the best. Although I think that if I can get off my *ss and stop being lazy, I'll blow ya' out of the water ;-)
  • Make it C3 compatible and I my have to dust it off and play it.
    But then again you have to finish first :)
  • Well, I'm planning to make it work on everything with an SD card slot and some kind of video output and human input device. External RAM might be useful to reduce load times (as it's likely faster than using temp files on the SD card). Also there will be a PC (well, anything with some kind of C compiler and enough resources) version. Maybe even a P2 version. But right now i'm still working on tools (XMM macro assembler with static recompilation capabilities)...
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