One PING Only, Vasily

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I'm not picking on Roy Eltham, honest. It's just that he has the only ten-PING robot that pops up in a Google search. There were MANY of them. Did that first plywood robot even have a name? Did Parallax stock spike when people were buying PING & aluminum bracket ten-packs? :)

And if there is one among us who doesn't love "Hunt for Red October", please fess up. Seems to be a universally well-loved movie, right Publison/Jim?


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  • I remember Ken made one that looks very similar to this one a good time back. This one is missing the green stripe. :smiley: :cool:
  • erco, I don't have that one built up like that anymore. I have the parts on other bots, but I do still have the wood platform. Maybe I should paint a stripe on it and rebuild it? :)
    When I had that one running, I had to activate the pings 2 at a time (opposite sides) in order to have them work without interfering to much. I think it worked best when you just did it one at a time going around as fast as you could.

    My newer bots using the black plastic platforms (ARLO, Eddie, and such) don't have as many PINGs on them.
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    It's definitely an impre$$ive array of $en$or$, but I think one PING scanned on a servo makes more cents(!) and looks cooler. Once again, I'll plug PING-Dar, which IMO is one of the most fabulous projects anywhere. Needs more work, that was 9 years ago! How about Blockly Ping-Dar, @Ken Gracey ? Feel free to go Propeller, Wireless, WiFi, WiDi, HD, Bluetooth, Let's Robot, Uber-Eats, Alexa-enabled and Chromecast. What say, by noon tomorrow? :)

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    Of course, do as I say, not as I do. Looky what I just ordered for a client's project! I do love spending other people's money. Keep that in mind if anyone needs me to buy for them.

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    Oops! Too bad I can't edit a post to add a pic.
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  • LOL, nice set if laser pings!

    I have a Scanse Sweep that I plan to put on one of my bigger robots one of these days for proper LIDAR :)

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