PeteyM5 comes to Parallax

Hello I am new to this website. I am a programmer of 6502 assembly, Visual Basic, and other Basic on different computer systems.

I program games for the Atari 8-bit computer, Atari 5200, and be moving to Atari 7800 forums soon.


  • Welcome to Parallax, PeteyM5!

    Some times my mind seems to wander..... these days I just tag along.
  • Sounds great have you had a chance to dive into Spin or the BS2
  • Welcome to the forums!

    The Propeller would be a good fit as in this kit:
    Infernal Machine
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    Hey PeteyM5, the Propeller chip has had 6502 emulators written for it and it is possible to run the 6502 in one of the cogs and have other cogs for video and SIDCOG emulation etc. Is this what you are looking at doing?

    BTW, I cut my teeth on 6502 assembly language, as well as having a lot of experience with many of the 8 and 16-bit variants including 65816 and M37702 etc. (Actually the 2650 was one of my first CPUs, the digits are still the same, just the 2 has been rotated to the front!).

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  • Yes welcome to the forum.

    As it happens I got my start also programming the R6502, in both BASIC (Applesoft) and R6502 assembler. I also tinker some in VB, but not constantly.

    Say Peter J, wanna point me towards that 6502 stuff on the Prop?

    As I recall the 2650 was an oddity from Signetics, it was used in those arcade machines.

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  • Yup. If you like 6502 assembly, you came to the right place.
    I recommend you read deSilva's little intro to the Prop and Prop assembly. Once you get the big picture from his odd but effective PDF, I predict you'll love Prop assembly. And the Propeller.
  • Just saw this thread.
    Peter, would that be the Signetics 2650? If so, they sent me a sample chip to work with around 1975! No cost, I was in 11th gradel farther back than I like to think.
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  • Hey PeteyM5! I have played some of your work. (great fun man, thank you)

    Atarian and Apple 6502 programmer here too. I've done a game for the 2600, and have written a lot of 6502 / 6809 code in my past.

    The Propeller is a lot of fun! Enjoy.

    It's possible to drive the Propeller video system in ways near signal accurate to many classic machines. SIDCOG is insane. There is at least one 6502 emulation, a couple Z-80 ones. It's a playground.

    Soon, it's successor will be available to us. It's been a long journey. Bigger playground. Good times ahead.

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