OpenSpin: Origin exceeds FIT limit

David BetzDavid Betz Posts: 13,246
edited 2018-09-12 - 01:01:29 in Propeller 1
Is there any way to find out how far I am over the FIT limit? I'm trying to squeeze something into a COG and it would be really helpful to know how many longs I need to shave off. I tried the -v option to see if it would give more information but it didn't give me information about the FIT error.


  • fastspin / spin2cpp will tell you.
  • ersmith wrote: »
    fastspin / spin2cpp will tell you.
    Thanks! I'll try that tomorrow. FYI, I was able to squeeze in the segmented LOAD/STORE code we discussed. I will try changing my compiler to generate the new instructions tomorrow.

    For anyone other than Eric, I'm referring to work I'm doing on a byte code interpreter for my new C-like language for the Propeller. Like Eric's SPIN/BASIC compiler, I'm looking for a good name for it as well.
  • David,
    Please add an issue on the github for OpenSpin. I think this would be pretty easy to add in, but I can't work on it until the weekend.

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