Elev-8 laser altitude hold update

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Hi all,

After much testing and tweaking our SF11/C-equipped Elev-8, we're close to achieving altitude hold but not quite there. We've established that:

1. Wiring between the rangefinder and quad is correct because...
2. The SF11/C is sending accurate range data to the quad, and it is being received correctly (Blockly Prop test code...thanks, Matt!)
3. Firmware mods that seem to have worked for others have been made (Thanks, Jason!)

The quad will not, however, lift off when in assisted mode (it seems not able to throttle up high enough). After taking off in Stable mode, and switching to Assisted mode in mid-flight, it immediately plummets to the ground like a rock. Bummer. The white LED indicates the flight mode correctly, btw.

It's looking like there's something subtly wrong in the firmware, but even as a longtime recreational coder I have to admit that if this is the case, it's beyond my pay grade to work it out!!!

Our school's physics program would greatly appreciate anyone's help with this. I would be willing to investigate the possibility of paying some sort of consultant fee, as I realize we're probably talking about a non-trivial amount of effort on your part. I can be contacted directly at the following address if this is something you'd prefer to discuss privately. pferrick@westhillschools.org


Physics Teacher
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