Connecting DHB-10 Motor Controller to Arduino (MEGA)


I am working on a new autonomous wheeled robot project with the Arlobot. I will be using Arduino MEGA to collect information and send over to ROS. I have a DHB-10 motor controller and want to use it with the MEGA. I read that you can interface the two if you have the BOE shield for arduino. Is there any possible way to connect the channels without the BOE shield?



  • Hi Matthew,

    I am TCIII and you may have seen my posts concerning using the Arduino/BOE Shield with the DHB-10 and the communication issue.

    No you don't have to have the BOE Shield to have the Arduino Uno R3 or the 2560 Mega to communicate with the DHB-10 as long as you have some type of shield to connect the Arduino Uno/Mega pins to the DHB-10. You can change the Tx and Rx pins on the Arduino Uno or use the Mega hardware serial pins as long as you change the pin numbers in the Parallax Arduino code appropriately.

    I have an original Eddie that I have converted to the newer Encoders and the DHB-10 Motor Controller Board in place of the HB-25s. I am saving the original Encoders and HB-25s as backup for a 4WD Robot that uses the original Encoders and HB-25s.

    I have purchased a Rpi 3B+ and a RPLidar and plan to use ROS with them to build an Eddie that performs SLAM.

    Like you I plan to have the ROS running on the Rpi communicate with either an Arduino Uno R3 or a 2560 Mega R3 on Eddie.

    I plan to let ROS on the Rpi do SLAM with the RPLidar and send directional commands to the Arduino Uno/2560 Mega on Eddie that is communicating with the DHB-10 board.

    ROS is not the simplest OS to learn, but there is a wealth of hardware/software libraries out there for interfacing just about everything to ROS.

    I also plan to use the Robo HAT MM1 with the Rpi to help simplify interfacing hardware sensors with the ROS running on the Rpi.

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