LoRa repeater project using a FLiP (YT Video Link)

This vid was posted yesterday by one of my favorite YouTubers, 0033mer. It looks like a work-in-progress - the Prop part hasn't been integrated yet, but should be interesting to see what becomes of it.

His channel is otherwise worth checking out, especially for people getting into electronics and (sometimes) microcontroller programming - lots of basic circuit examples using passives, discrete logic, along with explanations and diagrams.

WIP Spin drivers for various devices: LSM9DS1 IMU (SPI) | Newhaven 4x20 OLED (I2C) | MLX90621 (I2C) | SHT3x (I2C) | SSD1306 OLED (I2C; P1-SPIN, P2-SPIN2) | TCS3x7x (I2C) | MAX31856 (SPI) | BMP280 (I2C) | TMC2130 (SPI) | nRF24L01+ (SPI) | MLX90614 (I2C) | MAX9744 (I2C) | DS28CM00 (I2C) | TSL2591 (I2C) | CC1101 (SPI) | SX1231 (SPI)


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