First camera quad-copter advice?

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I was looking into purchasing my first camera drone for recreational filming along hikes and outdoor adventures. I've flown some cheap sub-$100 drones before and loved it, but was looking for a more capable drone that could give some cool experiences and videos. I do not have a lot of money to spend at the moment, preferably something under 400. In my research I found the Bebop 2 at a current price of $299 with the sky controller and two batteries. Seemed like a good deal, compared to other drones such as those made by DJI, which had better camera quality, but at a cost of around $150-$200 more than the Bebop 2. I've also read about the MJX Bugs 3 which is below $150 and has less features, but may be more suited for a beginner like me?

I'm new to this field and I may be overlooking some key factors. The bebop 2 seems to have decent reviews, and so do the drones made by DJI, but maybe those are too complex for beginners and I should just stick with cheaper drones. I'm curious if there is any input the community can give regarding a possible purchase? really what I'm looking for in my first drone is something that can take decent video (1080p is fine with me), durable, and intuitive - as I'm still new.
I saw some information about drones in this article:, please tell me which is the best.

Any advice or experience you can share would be much appreciated, thank you!


  • Welcome to the forums.

    At the under $400 price, you should start out with a used or refurbished DJI, say Phantom 3. These can be found on ebay:

    I had this exact model, and found it very easy to fly, the quad has a lot of smarts to keep it in the air. I just sold it and taught the new owner to fly in 15 minutes. Video was great with the gimbal. I now own a Phantom 4 Pro+.
  • My brother has two DJI phantoms, I think 2 and 3. As Publison said they are very easy to fly. When they stood still it seemed like they were resting on a tripod. I have not seen an actual Bebop fly so I don't know the difference.

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  • Bepop 2 has not gimbal. Everything is done in software.
    DJI have a full gimbal, and it makes a lot of difference.
    Parrot has now Anafi with a good real gimbal but is more expensive.
    I have dji drones, and they are very easy to use. The advanced features help a lot.

    Consider electronic controls will make your life easier and help a lot when using for photos or movies, but if you plan to use it just for fun the amount of controls and stabilization will limit your racey attitude.

    If you decide for Bepop grab also the remote. Controlling with the phone is a nightmare. Smartphone can be used to change settings, verify what you are shooting at, but not as a virtual remote.

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