Video Beats v5 Source Code?

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Hello! I recently purchased (believe it or not) a Propeller P8X32A and a Gadget Gangster Quick Proto. I built the Video Beats circuit according to this tutorial and this video but the GadgetGangster website is down, the Internet Archive doesn't have it, and any contact with the author has not resulted in a response.

I was able to find a few variations of the software, here and here. I tried the first example provided by the same author as Video Beats, which generates video, but does not respond to audio. I assume this is related to the software but I can't tell for sure

Line 88 of pixelmusic_demoboardconverted.spin contains the comment
'start the adc object
with nothing following it, so I assume it's not actually grabbing any audio signal from the board.

I'm about 95% sure I've assembled the circuit correctly, but I'd be willing to take a picture if someone could help me out.

If anyone has the source or is willing to provide help, it would be greatly appreciated!


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