SX Tech Board Needed for Testing

Hey everyone -- we are doing a manufacturing run of SX-keys (maybe the last), and our CM lost the SX-Tech board which is part of the testing procedure.

Anyway, the testing procedure is based around programming the SX-Tech board with each built SX-key, and we need a replacement SX-Tech Board.

Parallax is looking around desks as we speak, I am 99% sure they will find a couple and be able to send to me, but in the off chance they can't, I need a back up since I am NOT re-doing the testing procedure, document, video, and confuse my chinese CMs, they already freak out if I tell them to change the color of something -- So, you don't want to throw them off.

Anyway, anyone that has an SX-tech board like this:

And you don't need it anymore, please PM me or email me at




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