Announcing my new class on Udemy - Crash Course Electronics and PCB Design

Hey everyone, I wanted to announce my new course on Udemy. I worked on it for 18 months and tried to create something that would enable people to learn electronics and PCB design in a single course, have fun, and not be overwhelmed by math and too much theory. Like anything I do, I go all out.

I really wanted to imagine how I felt when I was learning electronics and had no idea where to start. This course is HUGE -- is college level, but I take the journey with you step by step. I don't assume you are a mathematician either :)

If you're reading this then you probably love microcontrollers, the Propeller chips, and other Parallax products, but if you're new to electronics it can be frustrating understanding how everything goes together. This course literally starts with "What's an Electron?" and works it way thru 135 lectures, 87 hours of video and by the end, you will be designing your own Printed Circuit Boards with ZERO experience coming into it.

This is the course I wish I had access to when I was learning. Everything out there is either too technical, or too practical without any theory. And no one dares teach electronics AND PCB design in the same course -- but, that's exactly what I did -- Hey, someone has to design the new HYDRA 2 :)

Anyway, here's the the information, links, and discount code... Thanks!

Crash Course Electronics and PCB Design @ Udemy -- 135 lectures, 87 hours. The course starts from "What's an electron?" and by the end of the course, you will be designing PCB projects! 50% Discount Code HAL9000

Short URL -

I attached some screen shots of an example theory lecture, PCB projects we develop, simulation, and bench build work, we do it all MANY MANY times :)

Thanks - Andre' LaMothe
Creator of the HYDRA Game Console, PropC3, and XGameStations


  • If anyone does not know Andre' , he developed two huge Propeller based products when the Propeller first came out. Both were carried by Parallax in the store.

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  • Andre, this looks great!!

    I'm going to try and convince my 16 year old daughter this would be a good winter project for us! If not, I'll be brave and go it alone. It should fill in a lot of holes in my hit and miss electronics education!
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  • André,

    What a tour de force this course is! I can't begin to imagine how much time you've invested in it. I forwarded the link to the instructor who teaches robotics at the local HS and suggested he look into it as possible curriculum material.

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  • Yes -- the amount of time I spent editing it was crazy, since you have to edit in real-time. Watch every frame of 400 hours of video and then edit it down to about 90 hours in the end. That was the real challenge. And there's no fancy editing, there are up to 4 cameras since I had me, the computer, the bench, 2 views of that, and then record ALL of them at once and then cut between them in editing. But, this is an ART form -- and I see why movie editors get so much money, its not easy and there are an infinite way to cut and edit things you know -- so, glad it's over :)

    And of course, its all HD/HDR video uncompressed to I used 2-3 TB or more and then had 3 backups, so just a lot of data to deal with.
  • YanomaniYanomani Posts: 882
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    Hi AndreL

    A great initiative from your part. Congratulations!

    I have sent you a P.M., with some questions pertaining to your course.

  • Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this and for letting us know it's there.

    I signed up this morning.

    Chris Wardell
  • ctwardell wrote: »
    Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this and for letting us know it's there.

    I signed up this morning.

    Chris Wardell

    Echoing ctwardell comments, I've also signed, now from Brazil.

    Highly recommended! :smile:

    As a side note, Udemy payment system also accepts Primeiro Pay, generating a bank slip that can be paid in BRL, my country's currency.

    According to their website, starting the counting on Monday, the payment will be cleared in up to five labour days.

    Diversely from other payment systems, we don't have to pay a currency conversion fee and related taxes to our ever hungry gov. An extremely convenient deal, from my POV.

  • JonnyMacJonnyMac Posts: 6,230
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    Purchased! Just recommended to new workmates who have IT backgrounds and are wanting to learn electronics.
    Jon McPhalen
    Hollywood, CA
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  • I just purchased it as well, to use as a refresher and to support Andre'.
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  • tonyp12tonyp12 Posts: 1,949
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    Bought it, ebates have 12% cash back.
    I need to learn circuit studio and hopefully some of the circuit maker helps the process along.
    udemy works on the edge browser on xbox one, so you can view course in the living room :)

  • Thanks guys -- appreciate it :)

    @Tonyp12 - CircuitStudio and CircuitMaker are nearly identical, I use both. CS is basically, the desktop version and has simulation. Other than that they are almost the same, so if you learn CM you are learning CS -- Both of which I highly recommend.

    For simulation though, I prefer Labcenter Proteus, and that's what I use in the course to do those sections (the free eval allows this, so that's good).

  • WhitWhit Posts: 4,074
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    Thanks for posting this Andre'.

    Just purchased too. I hope to learn some new things to help feed my robotics work.


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  • Bob Lawrence (VE1RLL)Bob Lawrence (VE1RLL) Posts: 1,546
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    A terrific idea. I'm really looking forward to it . Thanks!! for all your hard work Andre' :)

    It's hard to believe that I only spent $14.99
    1 Courses purchased - July 18, 2018 CA$14.99

  • Very good timing on the course. It is something that I have been looking to venture into.
    Thanks Andre!
    It's hard to believe that I only spent $14.99
    1 Courses purchased - July 18, 2018 CA$14.99
    If you hurry, you can get the course for $9.99 USD. I believe today is the last day for this for the time being.
  • Thanks guys -- It's a long course. Pace yourselves.. It starts slow, but speeds up to a good clip and a fun pace once we have enough information to hurt ourselves :)
  • A very welcome and reasonably priced breath of fresh air in my endeavors to fully understand why we do what we do. Thanks Andre!
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  • I'm in! This looks pretty cool. Certainly worth the price.
  • Thank You AndreL,

    I just signed up!!!

    I always wanted to upgrade my electronics skills from a hobby level to a more professional level. I'm sure your experience will come in handy in this course.

    Thank You again AndreL!!!
  • Thanks Andrei,
    I just purchased as well.
    Dave (long time lurker)
  • Thanks guys -- Hopefully, this course will be the first of many -- I have to see how it does though for 18 months work :) And this is a HUGE course, next one I will try will be small -- and more of a "project" course on the design of a complete product, or learning something specific, we will see.
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    Course looks good, but having you in the lower corner is probably not needed unless you are in front of a black board or are demonstrating something that the visual of you doing it adds value. Just a way to reduce my 4G bandwidth if I am reviewing it on a cellular device not connected to wifi. Also finding the lessons keep start/stop, very choppy and hard to keep viewing. Probably a udemy issue. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I like the idea of complete small project design start to finish.
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