wx 8266 schematic?

I've become interested in the wx 8266 as wifi would be a nifty feature for a project of mine. I've downloaded all the documentation on the product page, but I don't see any schematics anywhere.

I've searched high and low and the only mention I can find is a post by David Betz nearly two years ago that schematics would be forthcoming.


So did I miss them somewhere?

That post also answered my other question, the license of the software, as the documentation and code lacks that info as well.



  • Hello Skywise711

    The schematics were never published (I don't think the hardware was ever open-sourced). However, I just emailed the team about it, so the answer will be forthcoming soon. Maybe after the 4th Holidays though !
  • I hadn't noticed that but you're right. There is no open source hardware logo on the WX modules.
  • Parallax was sharing hardware designs long before the open source hardware branding. And we will continue to do exactly that. Our intent is to be open about these designs to help you do your work, so expect to see the schematic posted here and on the product page.

    Whether or not it has the OSHW logo is another story - it depends on whether or not we have the vision ahead of time to gather up all the files in the right format and post them. Probably won't have time to do that in this case, but please use the files as you see appropriate for your own uses.

    Ken Gracey
  • Thank you everyone. I don't post often because this forum and the Parallax site in general is just overflowing with info!!! Every question I have, someone else has already thought of it and the answer is almost always already there.

    I look forward to using this module to learn how to use the Espressif chip, because adding wifi to my project will solve a host of issues.

    First, my project will be exposed to the elements. This will eliminate the user programming connector and associated hardware that would need some level of IPxx rating. I now only have to worry about one connector for power.

    Next, it reduces the user interface to one design that anyone using a wifi enabled device with a web browser can use. I don't have to worry about writing a user interface for MS, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc..... MAJOR bonus!!!

  • Hello @Skywise711

    Here's the schematic file for reference.

    Parallax have confirmed they will share this at the WX Wireless Module product page soon, and whilst we wait they have provided the attachment for advance sharing on the forums.

    Good luck with the project, and hope you can share details in our Customer Projects sub-forum when you are done!
    (and of course, ask any questions along the way!)

  • Thank's for the schematic. Something to study while everyone blows things up tonight. :)

    And yes, once I get my project done I do want to share it in the Customer Projects forum. I'm proud of my idea.

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