DIY Self-Contained Setup for Micromite Companion

I got tired of moving all the components and wires around when I wanted to work with the MMC, so I hacked together this all-in-one enclosre in the spirit of the Homebrew Computer Club days of the Apple I. The main goal was to have everything on a movable platform with just one cord I have to plug in for power. There's also a USB cord on the side that can connect to a PC in order to run a TeraTerm session to the PIC32.

I built this out of some pretty cheap wood from Home Depot (next time I'll spring for some higher quality materials). There's a power strip inside the main enclosure that serves as a place to plug everything into and it has an on/off switch.

It weighs probably 40 lbs because of the TV monitor with speakers, but it was a fun project to put together.

I thought if anyone could appreciate something like this, it would be this forum!

2016 x 1512 - 1M
2016 x 1512 - 953K
1008 x 756 - 202K
2016 x 1512 - 775K
2016 x 1512 - 977K
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