Fast SD boot using monitor CALL

Here's a simple secondary fast boot loader using the inbuilt monitor.
Simply save the .obj file as _BOOT_P2.BIX with the appropriate filename and hey presto, action.

Tested a 330K image @ 80MHz Ok.
Nice work Cluso! :)
'Fast SD Boot using Monitor CALL

  _fname1a = ("F" + "I"<<8 + "L"<<16 + "E"<<24)  '\\ filename...
  _fname1b = ("N" + "A"<<8 + "M"<<16 + "E"<<24)  '||   8.3 +$00
  _fname1c = ("E" + "X"<<8 + "T"<<16 + $00<<24)  '//

	fname = $1dc
	_Run_SDfile = $FC578    

dat	org

	hubset	#$ff			'switch to 80 MHz
	mov	fname,##_fname1a	'set filename
	mov	fname+1,##_fname1b
	mov	fname+2,##_fname1c
	call	#\_Run_SDfile
fail	drvc	#32
	jmp	#fail
Melbourne, Australia


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