looking for i2c_1bus.spin file...

I cant seem to find this file, "i2c_1bus.spin" that is being called for by Tracy Allen's code titled "ADS1115_1bus.spin" included as an attachment but also in a thread regarding the ADS1115.
Jorge P.


  • Thought I should mention that I searched the forums and google with and without site:parallax.com and came up with zilch.
    Jorge P.
  • Tracy AllenTracy Allen Posts: 6,298
    edited 2018-06-01 - 22:09:58
    Hi Jorge,
    Here it is, zipped up with my ADS1115 code. I'm also attaching a demo of the SHT31 RHT sensor. The object i2c_1bus is all Spin, so relatively slow but no additional cog. It has evolved with time to incorporate some of the rarer twists of i2c protocol, such as the clock hold used by the SHT31. The ADS1115 code uses a parameter in the i2c.ReadNumber method to perform byte reversal: The chip sends numerical data least most significant byte first, the Propeller needs the opposite.
  • Thank you! Much appreciated.
    Jorge P.
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