GPS tracking with the Propeller



  • Don't worry. I grew up in Indiana, and there are some pretty places south of Bloomington. :)

    LOL... Yep, that about sums it up. Turkey Run and the Sugar Creek area has always been one of my favorites.

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  • Indiana Dunes north along Lake Michigan are a far cry from the smoke of Gary/South Bend. I lived in Battle Creek MI in early years and remember the trip along the lake to Chicago. Less pollution now than there was then, both in air and in the water.
  • I was just reading "Bay Nature" that in San Francisco Bay, the incoming tide brings in CO2 rich water from the ocean, which upwells and mixes with the tidal cycle and tends acidify the bay. The ambient air holds close to 400ppm whereas the deep water is close to 900ppm.

    The point was that the processes aren't well studied and just a few buoys collect samples which are not necessarily representative of the micro environments. Seems something like your GPS enabled boat or like the one Ken deploys on Lake Tahoe, could really help to probe the corners.
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