Microsoft Visual Studio to compile PBASIC or Spin?

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I was working with Visual Studio the other day, and thought that it might be nice to have Tools for Visual Studio that could create Spin and PBASIC Programs. I then thought that you could set your DEBUG location to "External Machine" or something, and then compile said programs. Curious, I used the the nifty search tool on these forums, and found this:
Please Don't be upset with me guys, I like the available IDEs. I am just open to experimentation(and I like VS17's auto complete feature). :smile:
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  • I would prefer it if this were done with Microsoft's Visual Studio Code. VS Code is open source and cross-platform. Visual Studio is not.
  • I have heard of VS Code, but thought that it was just a tool for making extensions for VS itself. Guess I was wrong, then!:smile:
    The greatest thing about logic is that, once you have followed the thought train, it is then your own.
  • VS code is an editor/IDE by Microsoft. It is is written in Javascript and built using the Electron platform from Github

    Electron in turn runs Javascript code under node.js which uses the V8 Javascript engine from Google. Electron also uses Google's rendering engine from the Chrome browser to render the IDE.

    As such VS Code is a stand alone IDE with many of the features you might expect in an IDE like Visual Studio, Eclipse, InteliJ, etc. Syntax highlighting, warnings of syntax errors, autocompletion, git integration and so on.

    VS Code supports a whole ton of languages. People have created plugins for all manner of things.

    As much as I have loathed and despised MS for decades for their closed source, single platform software, their customer lock-in and underhand business dealings, I think VS Code is a brilliant thing, it is my IDE and editor of choice now a days.

    I would be very happy if support for programming Propellers in Spin and C were created as VS Code plugins. That would be one way to get a great, cross-platform, IDE for the Propeller with minimal development effort.
  • I understand the hatred about closed source and customer lock-in, I have come to enjoy their products for what they can do. MS just needs better management.
    The greatest thing about logic is that, once you have followed the thought train, it is then your own.
  • You're missing the point, AwesomeCronk. VS Code *IS* open source, highly configurable and works very well. Visual Studio is not open, will likely never support anything other than MS' products, etc. These are two similarly named products from the same company that are very different. It was easy for me to configure VS Code as a quite functional PropGCC environment albeit with the help of a batch file or two. Listen to Heater, he knows his stuff...
  • Can you give an example of such a product?

    Lucky for me there is nothing I want to do with computers that requires anything from MS. From operating systems to browsers to languages to databases to editors/IDEs, etc, etc.

    The annoying thing is sometimes having to use programs that are Windows only.

  • One of these examples by MS is Windows 10. Great capacity and incredible user interface.
    The greatest thing about logic is that, once you have followed the thought train, it is then your own.
  • Windows 10 is great. It runs all my favourite software that I use on Linux:

    Firefox, Chrome, Etcher, Espruino IDE, KiCad, Virtual Box, GIMP, Lazarus, InteliJ IDE, VS Code, QtCreator, SimpleIDE, mosquitto, LibreOffice, Quartus, Icarus Verilog, the Verilator, Atom editor, Sublime editor, Node.js, gnuplot, git and many more.

    And it runs all kind of Linux software as well, stuff that I do need, using the Linux Subsystem for Windows.

    With all that going I hardly ever see the Win 10 user interface, except the icons on my desktop, the start menu and occasionally settings.

    But wait... I get mostly the same experience in Linux. Sometimes I forget this is a Win 10 machine. Except for the annoying forced updates at times when you don't want them and the built in spyware that I have to try and disable.

    What am I missing?

    Why do I have this Win 10 machine then? Because my boss insisted that I have it and paid for it. And there are some crappy configuration tools for various hardware gadgets we use that are Win only.
  • We can have the cake and eat it too, because integration of Spin into Visual Studio is identical to integrate Spin into VS code.

    One has to build a language server, some standard used by Visual Studio, VS code, Sublime and other editors.

    I looked into doing it, but do not have the time to spend on it.


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  • Interesting. There is hope yet.

  • @msrobots
    That is what I was looking for. I will eventually look into that. Thanks!
    The greatest thing about logic is that, once you have followed the thought train, it is then your own.
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